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Regular troop meetings through the summer will be the first two Fridays at 6:30pm and the fourth Saturday for adventures. Troop meetings are in the Calvary Chapel Christian School classrooms.



Contact Info


Troopmaster (*current primary contact)

Anthony Fuller

(808) 722-9029(c),


Charter Organization Representative (recruitment / registration / approval of troop leadership)

Anthony Bonilla

(808) 721.8357(c),


Troop Committee Chairperson

(Runs Committee / basically CEO of Troop administration)

Joseph Wills

(808) 497-0933(c),






To register, call or email Anthony Bonilla (808) 721.8357(c), with parents name and leadership availability and boy(s) information.  A registration link will be sent to you.

*There will be a primary adult leader of each age group that will become your primary contact in the future / Mr. Anthony Fuller as Troopmaster will oversee all of these leaders.

Age Groups of Boys cut off date 10/31 (exceptions can be requested of committee by written request):

WOODLANDS TRAIL:  Foxes (K & 5 yrs); Hawks:  (2nd Grade & 7 yrs); Mountain Lions (4th Grade & 9 yrs)

NAVIGATORS:  Grade 6 and 11 yrs old by 10/31

ADVENTURERS:  Grade 9 and 14 yrs old by 10/31

Ranger - oversees the Woodlands Trail program and the Trail Guides for the Woodlands Trail.

Trailmaster - oversees the Navigator program and the Navigator Trail Guides.

Advisor - oversees the Adventurer program and the Adventurer Trail Guides.

Trail Guides | Adults (age 18 or over) who assist the Ranger, Trailmaster, or Advisor in delivering the troop program. Trail Guides are NOT formal members of the committee and they do NOT attend Troop Committee meetings

Registered Adult | This position is for registering parents or guardians who, while not serving in an official leadership position, may want to have a more active role with their boys in the program. They pay the regular member fee, agree with the Statement of Faith, submit to a background check, complete the Child Safety Youth Protection Training and are approved by the Chartered Organization Representative. [Open to parents/adult participants who have not regularly attended Calvary Chapel Honolulu.]

LEADER TRAINING (Available in TroopTrack)

Leader training consists of the completion of the following items:

UNIFORMS [Order on line at  Current minimum Troop Uniform for all events will be one of the two available T-shirts for each major age group.  The troop will begin using formal uniforms for some events in the next year.]

Financial assistance with fees is a possibility on a case by case basis (talk to a committee member).  Also a program is available to help with uniform costs if needed.

Books for Adventurers (6-12 grade Boys) $15:  order at